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Wig Maintenance Routine

August 3, 2018

Either synthetic or natural hair wigs may be right for you, maintaining your preference's quality at its most possible best is not at all optional. Well, a necessity but quite an investment after all. For women (also men) all across the world, wigs are a huge part of fashion and style. Like any other kinds of fashion collection, these wigs need care and love.
Here are some of the things that you can do to take care of your wigs and maintain its best possible condition- not only to maintain its great silkiness, waviness, strength or straightness,  but also to make it last longer:

1. Untangle
    Using a wide toothed comb, detangle the strands carefully before doing anything with your wigs. It is important to do this to avoid further damage to the hair. Keep in mind, be gentle. Wigs can be fragile too if not taken care of well.

2. Use shampoo
    Take note that synthetic and natural hair wigs have different qualities and characteristics, so might as well be aware that one shampoo might not be good if you are to use it for both of these types of wigs.  When shampooing synthetic wig, add one teaspoon of wig shampoo to a container filled with cold water. Soak the wig for one minute before actually washing them. For natural human hair wig, normal shampoo can be used since these shampoos are essentially made for natural hair.
     Be sure to run your fingers through the strands and the cap as well to make sure that sweat and oil residue is removed.  

3. Rinse
    This is not a regular rinsing-or-wringing-after-washing-method. Fill another container with clean cold water and submerge the hair for a few minutes. Repeat the process 2-3 times until no shampoo residue or bubbles are left.

4. Condition your wig
    Keeps your wig looking great, elegant and stylish by using hair conditioner.  Apply the conditioner of your choice directly to your wig. It is suggested to leave it for 4-5 minutes and then rinse again. You will have been familiar of the rinsing process by this time. Good luck!

5. Pat Dry  Only
    As mentioned, wigs should not be wringed or squeezed as this can trigger damage.  Use a dry towel at pat it on your wig and carefully repeat the process until dry.
    If pat drying is a little bit much of a work for you, you can place your wig between two dry towels and leave to dry.  

6. Get ready to look hygienically stylish!
    Let's say, by now you have completed all the aforementioned tips to clean your wig. Get those curling irons, ready and style your hair however you want. Remember to keep your hair looking gorgeous as always.


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