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Wigs: What You Need to Know and Where to Find them

July 18, 2018

What do you imagine about when you hear the word ‘periwig’? Do you imagine a small monster as a cartoon character with fat furry legs and arms and green fur? Or perhaps you imagine a game of space shuttles fighting against a mob of alien crew ship? Well you might actually be surprised to hear that ‘periwig’ is a term for a headpiece in a form of synthetic hairs; in short, it’s a wig! The humble locks that comes in handy when you need a headpiece to imitate a


certain character, or just a super fast yet super fancy way to revamp your look. Wigs have come a long way, making its first appearance on Shakespearean plays. You might also be even more surprised about how the simple wig had its own rich history and trivias to tell.

According to anthropologists, the earliest wigs might have been used a loooooong, long time ago, dating back to 100,000 years ago. Apparently, the ancient Egyptians had used them as head protectors, (see Moses’ wearing one on The Prince of Egypt) especially by those who had shaved or cut their hair, since Egypt was, and until now, a thousand degrees hot. However, wigs were either made from palm-leaf fiber, sheep’s wool, and even human hair so naturally, they were more expensive, making them only available to the elites. The peasants, on the other hand, use damp rag to cool their head. One of the oldest wig made can be found in the British Museum, and is approximately 3000 years old.

Up until the emergence of the modern era, wigs were only worn by those in higher power or wealth. You may have noticed men in court during the 16th century BC wearing a white head piece with either curls to the end or tied in a ponytail. Today, wigs can be worn by anybody for whatever purposes they may serve. Drag queens often find them useful to achieve the more feminine look. Regardless of length, color, or style, we can all agree that wigs have been a part in most of any person’s daily life, especially those who live life in color, literally.

Icon Hair and Wigs and the Salon Theory creates one of the best hair and wigs in Atlanta. It is made from the best synthetic hair, with an almost- human hair appearance. Choose any style, length, and color, from silky straight, stark black hair perfect for that chic look to a ash-tone lob, to rainbow-colored kinky curls.

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